Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let create website faster: Part 2

Ok, I know my last blog about Xoops was last 3 month. This week I start back exploring Xoops as I got more time this days. My main target is to improve my company's website. Yesterday I solved two problem on Xoops.

First problem is when my Xoops suddenly goes blank page after I change to new theme that I download last week. I careless unzip the new theme and copied to Xoops theme folder without checking it. After the page goes blank, I got stuck for 3 day. After check in the FAQ, I found out that I can undo the theme by changing xoops table in the mysql database. I rename the default theme and my Xoops page starts back.

Second problem when happens when I could not log into Administration Menu on my home pc. I had to search the FAQs for solutions and found that my ZoneAlarm firewall is blocking Xoops from sending HTTP_REFERRER to my browser. So I make xoops into trusted application in ZoneAlarm firewall.

Now all my test on Xoops works well. Currently is using Kubrick theme from KavaXtreme. It is a very nice theme. Very nice indeed.

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