Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let create website faster: Part 3

Hei, I'm back with another way to create website faster, and easier. Yesterday I test Google Page Creator. Damn, this tools makes it really easy to create web pages. In 15 min, I have created my own website at Google Page site. Ok, I know that there is not so much content in it, just links and my google calendar, but that shows how simple to create a website. I will update the site later. Busy maa.

Yahoo! Geocities is also another easy tools to create website. I had created my wedding e-card on it in 2000. Thanks to my friend, Sham the graphics wizard, for the amazing graphics.

Judging on simplicity of usability, I prefer Google Page Creator. Out of 10, I gave it 7. It still have a lot of improvement to make it better as par as Dreamweaver, But still, it is free of charge and hosted by Google.


kurekuredalamperahu said...

nanti ajar wat wedding e-card tu ek!


ahYeop_Limau said...

hehe... belanje makan mcd ato belanje minyak wangi dr kedai watson aje. hahaha