Monday, May 14, 2007

Exam fever

Today until Wednesday, Iman ade semester exam kat kindergarten dia (korang ingat budak universiti aje ade semester ke?). Mama had been busy doing revision with her since last week. Problem is she had been to school for 1 week after 2 weeks resting from the operation. Lots of things she have to catch-up. I was dutied to take care of her brother. He always wanted to be with her sister and do what ever she is doing. So I show him the Shaun the Sheep cartoon and he got hook on it. Even the whole family enjoyed the show. Every Monday to Friday on 7pm until 7:30pm, he concentrate on the show. He call it Bek bek!


kurekuredalamperahu said...

nenek aku panggil kindergarten tu 'skolah makan'. sebab budak2 cuma makan, tido, main, blaja sket2. skang ni dunia diorang challenging ye? macam mana agaknya nasib anak aku nanti ye? (bayangan 6-7 tahun akan datang..)

ahYeop_Limau said...

mmg lain. depends kindergarten tu pakai syllabus ape & competition dr kaum lain camana. Sekolah Iman pakai syllabus from Singapore. Yuran dia mahal siot! almost 400 persemester (6 month), monthly 1 lebih. Then Malays in Ayer Tawar is minority, so me and kak mas don't want our kids to be lag behind the sepets.