Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My new best buy???

Last Saturday, Me and wife went to HSL Sitiawan, planning to buy a dvd player. I prefer SONY product since my television is already Triniton.

We end up buying SONY home theater DAV-DZ3K. I was showing her the home theater. She thought the monthly payment is not so bad, only RM91 per month for 12 month. So instead of planning to buy a RM200+ DVD player, we bought a home theater.

Today I am thinking.... Do I really use the home theater everyday? hmmm....


budak jahat said...

kalautak guna, jual je kat aku...aku ngan rela hati aku membeli dengan separuh harga kira 2nd hand la tu..kalau nak jual jgn segan2 buat lelong belakang rumah

ahYeop_Limau said...

hehehe... boleh! since aku tak guna lagi, ko byr 2x price dia. hahaha.

Still freash in the box maaa!